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Great weekend, my favorite course would be Gold Creek, although Yowani was stunning too.. played very solid during the weekend 92-94-92, very happy with the result... won a good chunk of money back, took out all prizes :)

Played with the new Vision Xpert2 for a while and it performs well, very impressed! I am just to hooked and used to the performance and ez to find Vision UV Yellow.

Canberra is a fun place tho, but all places work when your in great company.

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Alright been a busy week @ Vision, time for some ultimate RnR .. Long weekend golf in Canberra and surroundings, with the guys from the Corner Club ..

Friday morning early drive to:
Murrumbidgee Country Club - what a boring website grr..
Saturday hit off at: Gold Creek - no comment
Sunday: Yowani Golf Club - bit better

Weather is going to be hot, I recon the game too, as last weekend we went away (Hunter Valley & The Entrance) I took the overall prize on the last day on the last hole due to an extra shot on that hole ;), and there is some1 who really wants it back :)

Never been in Canberra, looking forward.. early rest 5 am rise and shine! :)

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This weekend we had Damo's Bucks Party, as the poor dude is going to get married soon if this party hasn't brought him to other thoughts lol


With an awesome crew we went up the central coast, and camped near the beach... besides the Dingo's who stole our snacks (sausages) for brekkie (breakfast), and seeing some1 catching Sharks!!! We played some footy on the beach, watched the footy on generator powered tv in the sand dunes with a bunch of surf dudes, had massive barbie
(bbq), and drunk 300$ of booz with 8 ppl.
Not a bad weekend I must say.. pff, this one is going to be long long talked about.. YAY

Watch some other photo's of the weekend - HERE -

Greetings from ....

Egmond aan Zee



Wow just got back yesterday after a completely soaked long weekend away on the camping.. even the last day when we had to pack up was just saturated with water, as we had to get the caravan and stuff out by putting wooden support on the ground for every move.


Nevertheless we had a fab time tho, I mean this crew can take a little rainy hit.
We did some shopping in town, and a tour in the Boomsma distillery museum, and my sister had created a great beer test, in which I grabbed victory on the last moment.. YAY..
If you are looking for something fun todo while u are away.. please contact my sister as it is (even without me winning) very good fun when you are with a small or big group.

BTW, I also bagged the Heineken beers for a long time, for being too moderate, and during the test I gave the Heineken full marks... and labeled it as a "Brand" beer hmmpff.. there you go.


For the next couple of days im off with the fam, doing some good old camping.. pls prey for some descent weather, as its not all that good at the moment!
Prolly back online this Sunday!
(please let there be a hotspot :)


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Visited my mates "Ruud" place yesterday, just before my great family dinner.. funny enough it was his 40st bday (didnt know), and he scored some tickets for us to go to Indian Summer Festival 2007
Hopefully the weathers stays good, just checked the line-up, and besides some kewl rock acts, one of my favorite DJ Marco V is spinning on one of the Dance stages.


After a 28 hour flight (i think), from Sydney to Taipei to Bankok then to Amsterdam.. I finally arrived safe this morning in Holland!

Had a great trip, starting with Wayne from vision golf being the legend by dropping me off at the airport in professional golf style lol ..thanks mate!
I had 10 KG too much weight, as I brought my golfclubs, but no extra charges and I also got for the first part a big seat spot due to my length lol.. YAY

Wow I think I set the world record, getting out of Schiphol airport.
When I got out of the plane, I was able to out run the mass.. straight through passport check with no hick-ups, to the special sizes bag collection, to pick up my clubs who were already out there, then I turned around and could grab my other bag immediately from the conveyor belt.. (wow), chucked them on the trolley, straight to "nothing to declare", with 15 officers getting ready to catch the big wave of incoming...
The last officer in line hold me up and asked "where did my trip come from", I said "Sydney".. he immediately replied,.. "pff thats a long way, off you go have a good trip home!" YAY
This whole event took less then 25 minutes from touchdown to my parents happy arms!

Ow btw.. I got a cheap China airways flight saving 600 aussie dollar, and its all good.. very great service, not that dodgy.. first flight had personal entertainment system, the two others only community entertainment system.

Cheers !


I stumbled upon simpleviewer the other day, through some browsing and im really charmed by the product.. its as simple as it looks to use install and make. Ow and for non business purposes its FREE.. yay!
so.., lucky you as Xmas gave us a new bunch or pics, so here are the editors choices :)

Watch how easy the page navigation goes to the 2 other pages with photos.. or just click on the main photo and move mouse to sides for the "next" and "previous" arrows!
Bet the best way is click on first "thumbnail" (little picture), and use the cursor arrows on your keyboard! wow..

Anyway we had a great time, drunk a couple of quiet ones, and the boys went for the annual "boxing day" golf @ the everglades golf club (Scott's a member).


We' re off for the week spending some time on the coast!

This is where we are, if your looking for us :) !

Cheers all..

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