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Under superb conditions on even better looking Long Reef Golf Course, I shot my new Personal Best of 9 over par, breaking the magic 10! yay.

Played almost all holes with the Vision X-pert.

My Scorecard

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Got this joke via email today from Graydon:

Golfers can be a callous lot !!!
Verne was teeing off from the men's tee. On his downswing, he realized that his wife, Lucrecia, was teeing up on the woman's tee directly in front of him. Unable to stop his swing, he nailed it, and hit her directly in the temple, killing her instantly.

A few days later, Verne got a call from the coroner regarding her autopsy.

Coroner:" Verne, your wife seemed to have died from blunt force trauma to the head. You said you hit a golf ball and hit her in the temple, is that correct?"

Verne: "Yes, sir, that's correct."

Coroner: "I also found a golf ball wedged up her @rse."

Verne: "Was it a Titleist 3?"

Coroner: "Yes, it was."

Verne: "That was my provisional."

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Yay today @ Gordon with MC SC my new PB +11, when will I brake the magic 10 :)

And playing with Vision UV Yellow

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Came back this monday from again a full weekend in Canberra with the Australia Triple Crown
players, but most of all the Dutchies!! (Jenno, Jelle etc...)
It was a great weekend, except for my speeding ticket.. *cough* (lost points there..arrgh)

The Dutch Crew had chipped in for a place to stay and shouted me the the dinner with all the Triple Crown players! Thanks guys, that was superb!
Had a couple of great nights out with the guys, also with the local Aussie players and the Irish champs!

Monday morning I drove back to Sydney (300k), accompanied by the sisters Esther and Irene, throwing some music culture at me (AbbA & Queen:) whom I both dropped off at the Australian Youth Hostel in Sydney City!

Ive got a couple of days to recover again, and will catch up for one more time later this week.. have to give my body some rest somehow :)

Overall it was an fantastic tournament, and to me its the power of the community who makes it all happen. Going to keep my eye open to this way of playing.. its got superb potential IMO (In My Opinion)

Super credit to Jenno and Jelle for being so much of a Vision suporter, and played both many games with our vision balls! The Irish say they are going to test after the tournament season what they can do with the ball, and most of our shirts and caps were happily worn during the triple crown. The french were already playing the Xpert2 and giving them away printed with the logo of the french on it to their opponents.

Ps Jenno Wolters has updated his photos!

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Got myself and VISION and the Vision UV Yellow, the first Australian Golf title:

"Australian Matchplay Champion 2007"
Men’s B Division

Gosh, that was a great tournament.. ive never expected it to be so good! The Short Course Golf (aka Pitch and Putt) community is a super bunch of dedicated SC Golf people.

australian match play winner 07

We've played from Thursday to Saturday and an average of 3 matches a day, conform Matchplay rules. Matchplay is a very mentally though golf game, were you score a point per hole or square the hole (even) or loose the hole. This means out of 18 holes you need to win most holes.

I've met so many great people, and most of my time I spend with the dutch crew :) naming Jenno Wolters and his girlfriend Kirsten, Kirsten’s brother Niels, Jelle Wabnitz and dutch top woman player Esther Newsum. (ps all "A" Division players)

eero jelle jenno esther per

Boy did I had a good time with those guys.. pff, was great talking some plain ol dutch again.. spend most evenings after the tournament at the hotel and campsite of the guys having a few beers :P. The guys had smuggled some typical "Groningse gedroogde worst" into the country(dried sausage, bit like the south african drywors), gosh what a fantastic suprise.. half of the stack got conviscated by the customs, a shear sacrifice for the stash that made it through.. lol (Groningen 1 - Aussie customs 0 :P)

vision uv yellow by kirsten
photo by kirsten tiggelaar & jenno wolters

Interesting note was I played with the Vision UV Yellow in a precision golf game on an very high quality course at Terrey Hills. The ball performed really well although its more leaning towards a longer straighter game. I could stop the ball pretty much everywhere !!!!!

Other interesting note, my semi-final against a french guy was undecided after 18 holes and took 3 playoff holes and had only 5 points total, the rest was all square.. amazing great game that was, my hart was pumping at the end and shaking all over.. sunk a 6 ft put to birdie and take the win!

The final was a breeze compared to all other games.. didnt even gave the poor english (living in france) guy a chance.. after 10 holes it was 8 points for me and 2 squares.. lol he conceded obviously :)

The sunday we went with the whole crew plus Jim Judge (IRE) to explore Sydney.. again just having a few quiet beers with the crew.. lol

Niels Tiggelaar

The crew is up to Canberra now to play the second and third leg of the Triple Crown tournament, maybe I can drive up this weekend to cheer the guys on.

Ps.. the dutch crew looooooove the vision balls YAYAY .. !!
PPs.. beating a Pro V1 player with a UV Yellow feels goooooood !!
PPPs.. sleeping with Jelle in one bed, crashed out on beer is safe.. :P

Jenno Wolters - Website - more photo's and stories !!
Jelle Wabnitz - His Pitch and Putt Course in Oostwold.
Esther Newsum - Website - more stories, photos later !!
Australian Pitch and Putt Accociation
Australia Triple Crown site


Triple Crown - Promo

Because im such a good golfer *cough* 4x !, I am going to participate in a National Championship!
owkay, owkay, owkay.. it is for Short Course Golf, aka Pitch and Put aka Par3 Golf, but nevertheless it has very serious participants and it draws world wide crowd from Australia, Canada, Ireland, France and even Holland aka The Netherlands :P !

Anyway, we got a spot offered to play as being a sponsor, as we develop and test our new balls on our local Par3 course at Terrey Hills and got involved with Short Course Golf players for testing purposes on short game needs.

Terrey Hills - Promo

The Terrey Hills Par3 Course is very much like a normal golf course, with greatly challenged smaller mostly elevated greens, but you only need a wedge and a putter to play, as its longest hole is prolly 88 meters.

So as of tomorrow, ive got a National Championship - Match Play game under my belt too.. lol well, atleast I play 4 times before I will get knocked out :). I better give myself the NickName Per "Bye" van as some of them play around -10 on a round.. hmpfff.. thats atleast 10 birdies grrr..

See my draw - one dutch guy in there too :)
Website: Australian Pitch and Put Association

BTW, again..this form of golf to me has massive potential to be big every where.. it doesnt need that much space, it gives a fantastic challenge, it covers the biggest part of the normal golf, and you can facilitate it better also for night golf with lights plus you can play it in just two hours, ideal for after work or work catch up, or just with friends instead of a movie or with the partner you name it.

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Yeah, ive done it.. within 2 years of proper golf, I reached handicap 18! Was aiming to get my handicap down before Xmas 2007 to 18, and my last trip to Canberra already done it.. my handicap is 17.9 at the moment, so no more shots help on any hole.. its me and the course now!
To be honest, if I get my wasted shots down a bit, I must reach 12 asap..
so lets focus on that first, concistancy is the keyword now, and 14 the goal... prolly go up first again lol,.. thats golf!

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Tonight im celebrating my friend Brendan's Bday @ The Belgian Beer Cafe in Cammeray. We go by cab, and going to try as much Belgium beers as we can with nice cooked mussels Belgium style!! :)

The morning after though I get picked up at 6 am, for a boys golf kwak.jpg
weekend away at the famous Tallwoods Estate. We've got 16 blokes and 4 Villa's plus 2 BBQ's with many many many Beers, and 3 days of Golf booked on the estate...YAY

The golf course is ranked in top 25 finest of Australia, and its as famous as it is feared.

The ride towards Tallwoods, should be around 3.5 hours.. so hopefully that will clear my head enough to pump a great score!

Back Monday.. bye!

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Great weekend, my favorite course would be Gold Creek, although Yowani was stunning too.. played very solid during the weekend 92-94-92, very happy with the result... won a good chunk of money back, took out all prizes :)

Played with the new Vision Xpert2 for a while and it performs well, very impressed! I am just to hooked and used to the performance and ez to find Vision UV Yellow.

Canberra is a fun place tho, but all places work when your in great company.

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Alright been a busy week @ Vision, time for some ultimate RnR .. Long weekend golf in Canberra and surroundings, with the guys from the Corner Club ..

Friday morning early drive to:
Murrumbidgee Country Club - what a boring website grr..
Saturday hit off at: Gold Creek - no comment
Sunday: Yowani Golf Club - bit better

Weather is going to be hot, I recon the game too, as last weekend we went away (Hunter Valley & The Entrance) I took the overall prize on the last day on the last hole due to an extra shot on that hole ;), and there is some1 who really wants it back :)

Never been in Canberra, looking forward.. early rest 5 am rise and shine! :)

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